Wrapping Paper



We mainly have product line-ups of wrapping paper for food.

Field of application

Field of application

There is also a product called "Unryu paper", which uses the traditional Japanese method of making Ochimizu, which can express Japanese tradition and luxury.

Our advantage

Strong point of Sansho

Sansho provides suitable packaging materials for each customers according to their needed specs such as the basis weight, air permeability and others.

Main applications: Wrapping for food, souvenir, gift

Product line-ups

We can provide various kinds of Wrapping paper. Feel free to contact us.

Wrapping materials for food

Regular product line-ups as

Product typeProductBasis weight
polyester paperLow density36~145PET(polyester)100%It has dimensional stability against heat up to 200°C,
and it can be used in a variety of applications
due to its high smoothness and resin adhesion.
High density8~100
Super high density8~40
PET + single-sided
PE laminated product
24~36100% single-sided polyethylene laminatedOne side can be heat-sealed at 140°C. Excellent printability
and wet strength.
PET + pulp20~75PET+pulp fluorinated productsBoth sides can be heat-sealed at 130°C. Excellent oil resistance
and water repellency.

Ultrasonic seal paper, single-sided heat seal paper: General use

Regular product line-ups as

Product typeProductBasis weight
Rayon paperSWS R099500mm~1240mmRayon, Pulp, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol)The luster of rayon is beautiful,
and the warmth of nature
and modern feeling are in harmony.
We produce gorgeous products
as a film packaging material
for Japanese and Western confectionery.
SWS R1717
SWS R2020
SWS R3030
SWS R20T20960mm, 1100mm
SWS R29T29
Rayon paper studded with
gold and silver leaf
SWS RGS--Rayon, Pulp, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol), Copper zinc, Aluminum This is Rayon studded with gold and silver leaf.
We will produce a sense of luxury.
Bespoke patterns are also available upon your requests.
Polyolefin paperSWS O17171100mmPP/PE conjugated polyolefin fiber The first 100% polyolefin-based Unryu paper
in wrapping paper market.
It does not lose its strength even when wetted,
making it ideal for refrigeration and freezing.
Heat sealable paperSWS H2424970mmRayon, Pulp, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol), PENo laminations type.
Heat sealable without damaging the texture of Japanese paper.
Rayon paperSHR 18181100mmRayon, Pulp, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol)Plain rayon paper with high versatility.
It can be used for a wide range of
purposes such as food packaging,
shoe polish and lens wiping.
Paper mulberry with dregs
Mulberry paper with bark
SKP 3535720~1100mmUnbleached Pulp, Pulp, Rayon, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol), Kozo barkIt is possible to create a natural texture
by using unbleached pulp and blending the bark of kozo.