Our Philosophies and policies

  • Corporate Philosophy
  • Management Philosophy
  • Basic Policy

We are committed to “Value creation” for our business partners as a technology-oriented trading company with a research laboratory.

We will continue to take on challenges with “Out of the box thinking”, to exceed customers' expectations.

In the spirit of "Sanpo-yoshi", we will always work together and learn together with a smile to contribute to our society.

We fully understand our customer needs and provide optimal products, information, and services.

We will do our utmost to cooperate with suppliers so that they can produce better products with our feedbacks.

We promise to create an environment where each employee can challenge their dreams and goals by offering the opportunities and supports for growing as individuals.

Own company
We aim to be a strong and flexible organization that continue to challenge and prosper.

We will do what we can contribute to the sustainable development of an eco-friendly society.

Our Strong Points

Long Relationship & Extensive Experience

Since our establishment in 1955 to the present, we have extensive experience of doing businesses with many overseas manufacturers.

We are able to offer wide ranges of proposals with utilizing our abundant experiences and knowledge which have been accumulated by meeting our partner’s demands in long history.

We have direct dealings with global manufacturers, and there are many products in which Sansho holds the top market share in Japan.

We are always on the lookout for information on the latest materials and strive to bring better products to market as quick as possible.

We are also familiar with the industry network, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about sales channels.

Long Relationship & Extensive Experience

Skilled Professionals for Suitable Proposal

The sales and the R&D work closely to provide the technical information required by the market.

Customer’s requests and opinions obtained through daily sales activities are tested at our Central Research Laboratory, and it is possible to provide technical advice based on the results.

Skilled Professionals for Suitable Proposal

Additional Value for Partners

The sales and the R&D are closely communicating to meet the needs and challenges of our customers.

Co-Lab exists as one of the purposes of strengthening contact points with manufacturers and users.

Additional Value for Partners

Offering High Quality Services

We have several staff members who speak English and Chinese, so we are able to confirm the customer’s request properly and propose the most suitable products and the most suitable export method.

Offering High Quality Services

About Us

Company NameSANSHO CO., LTD.
OfficeHead office

Twin21 MID Tower23F, 2-1-61, Shiromi,Chuo, Osaka 540-6123, Japan

Tokyo Branch

S-GATE 10F 3-20-5, Hatchobori, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0032 Japan,

Research Laboratory

2-21-1, Tsudayamate Hirakata, Osaka 570-0128, Japan


2-8, Wakitani, Tanbasasayama, Hyogo 669-2406

Capital96.6 million JPY(1million USD)
EstablishedJuly, 1955
Board memberPresident : Atsushi KARAKAWA
Director : Takahiro NURIYA
Employees84(As of Jul., 2022)
Main bankMUFG Bank, Ltd.
Business contentBusiness Import, export and domestic sales of
1) additives for food, medicinal, cosmetics, papermaking and other industrial products
2) Speciality (high performance) papers and the fiber, nonwoven, film, and others.

We offer solution in the following fields.

Food Materials Group

Food Materials Group

For more than 65 years, we have been importing natural polysaccharides, mainly guar gum and locust bean gum, and food ingredients from leading overseas manufacturers and supplying them to domestic manufacturers. In addition to existing products we provide, we are searching for products that meet customer needs from all over the world. We are also offering new food ingredients to the Japanese market based on global trends.

Industrial Materials Group

Industrial Materials Group

We discover high-quality, high-performance, and high-value-added products from overseas, and mainly sell naturally-origined polysaccharide thickeners for a wide range of applications, from cosmetics to civil engineering and construction materials. We also handle a wide range of chemicals for paper making and industrial starch, and provide them to the paper making and feed industries.

Functional Materials Group

Functional Materials Group

We are consistently engaged in the sale of synthetic fibers such as vinylon to the domestic paper making industry, as well as paper product sales. We are also offering technical support and consultation to our business partners, conducting research and development by many years of know-how.