Audio Paper



Sansho has a wide range of acoustic materials such as tuning paper, diaphragm paper, and waterproof breathable membranes.

Field of application

Field of application

We provide materials for speakers in various kinds such as earphones, headphones, speakers, and smartphones.

Our advantage

Strong point of Sansho

We can propose original designed Audio Paper according to the customer's request for applications such as dustproof membranes, Audio Paper, diaphragms, and waterproof.

Major application:Dustproof membranes, Audio Paper, Diaphragms Waterproof breathable membrane.

Product line-ups

We can provide various kinds of Audio Paper. Feel free to contact us.

Articulation paper-PAPYLON®


  • Sansho developed 100% synthetic fiber paper "PAPYLON®" for the first time in the world in collaboration with Kyoto University, Kuraray, Hirose Paper Mfg.
  • Papylon is a wet-laid non-woven which is strongly bonded with vinylon fiber and PVA binder "Fibribond (registered as the trademark of Sansho)", and has various features.
  • According to the customer's needs, it is possible to add functions by combining with other fibers.
ProductsBasis weights
Air permeability
Tensile strength(N/15mm)
BFN No.112510.24160105
BFN No.224920.26783310
BFN No.3361250.29456521
BFN No.4481650.29328836
BFN No.5601960.312211058
BFN No.6842650.321314092
BFN No.71003000.339180110

These values are not guaranteed. Please contact us for product specifications.

Diaphragms-carbon fiber paper


  • Sansho can adjust the ratio of carbon fiber paper, paper thickness, hardness, processing suitability, and other specs according to the custmer's needs.

Waterproof breathable membrane


  • Waterproof breathable membrane can prevent dust, oil and water. The Air can pass through it.
  • It is able to discharge the pressure and heat inside the object to the outside.
  • Mainly used for waterproof speakers and waterproof earphones.
Basis weight
Air permeabilityWater pressure resistanceNotes
TXM270567.6S/100cc0.25cc≧19.6kPaIPX6 responsive